Listening to music of a device via BLUETOOTH connection

You can enjoy listening to music of a BLUETOOTH device and operate it by the speaker via BLUETOOTH connection if it supports the following BLUETOOTH profiles.

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Enables you to enjoy high-quality audio contents wirelessly.

AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)

Enables you to adjust the volume and operate to play, pause or skip to the beginning of the next/current track.

Operations may vary depending on the BLUETOOTH device. Refer also to the operating instructions supplied with the BLUETOOTH device.


  • Make sure beforehand that the volume on the BLUETOOTH device and speaker are set to a moderate level to avoid sudden loud sound output from the speaker.
    Depending on the BLUETOOTH device, adjusting the volume of the speaker may not be possible on the BLUETOOTH device while playback on the device is stopped/paused.
  1. Connect the speaker with the BLUETOOTH device.

    The (BLUETOOTH) indicator lights up in blue when the BLUETOOTH connection is established.

  2. Start playback on the BLUETOOTH device.
  3. Adjust the volume by pressing the /+ (volume) buttons on the speaker or operating the BLUETOOTH device.

    When you press the /+ (volume) buttons on the speaker or adjust the volume on the BLUETOOTH device, the (power) indicator flashes once or 3 times.

    During playback, you can use the buttons on the speaker to perform the following operations.


    Press the (play) button/ (call) button during playback to pause. Press it again to cancel pause.

    Skip to the beginning of the next track

    Press the (play) button/ (call) button twice quickly during playback.

    Skip to the beginning of the current track

    Press the (play) button/ (call) button 3 times quickly during playback.


  • The built-in battery can be charged if the speaker is connected to an AC outlet via a USB AC adaptor (commercially available), or if connected to a booted computer even while the speaker is in use.
  • When you set the volume to the maximum (50) or minimum level on the speaker, the (power) indicator flashes 3 times.


  • If the communication condition is poor, the BLUETOOTH device may react incorrectly to the operations on the speaker.
  • When you connect a portable audio device, etc., to the speaker’s AUDIO IN jack while listening to music via BLUETOOTH connection, the speaker switches to the AUDIO IN mode automatically. In this case, music of the BLUETOOTH device is not output (if the BLUETOOTH connection is active, the hands-free function is available). To listen to music from the BLUETOOTH device again, disconnect the audio cable from the speaker’s AUDIO IN jack.
  • When using in a place with a high temperature, the volume may decrease to protect the built-in battery.
  • If the built-in battery level is low, the maximum output of the speaker decreases.
  • Depending on the BLUETOOTH device, it may be necessary to adjust the volume or set the audio output setting on the connected device.
  • Noise or sound interruption may occur depending on the BLUETOOTH device connected with the speaker, the communication environment or the usage environment.