Terminating the BLUETOOTH connection (After use)

When you finish playing music with the BLUETOOTH device, perform any of the following operations to terminate the BLUETOOTH connection.

  • Turn off the BLUETOOTH function on the BLUETOOTH device. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the device.
  • Turn off the BLUETOOTH device.
  • Turn off the speaker.
  • Touch the NFC-compatible device on the N-marked part of the speaker again (if your device has the NFC function).
    • When using the Speaker Add function or Wireless Party Chain function, touch the NFC-compatible device on the speaker in which the (BLUETOOTH) indicator lights up. A speaker where the (BLUETOOTH) indicator turns off is not capable of terminating the BLUETOOTH connection.


  • When using the Speaker Add function, if you turn off one speaker, the other speaker is automatically turned off. The BLUETOOTH connection between them is disconnected.
  • When you finish playing music, the BLUETOOTH connection may terminate automatically depending on the BLUETOOTH device.