Changing the Digital Paper settings using the Digital Paper App

Use the Digital Paper App to change the settings of the Digital Paper.

  1. Connect the computer to the Digital Paper.

    When changing the settings for the Wi-Fi network, please connect via the USB cable.

  2. Launch the Digital Paper App on the computer.
  3. Click [Settings], and set the individual items.

Setting items

  • [Paired Digital Paper]
    Display information for the Digital Paper that has been paired. If pairing with a different Digital Paper, click [Re-pair with Digital Paper].
  • [Bluetooth automatic connection] (For Windows)
    When launching the Digital Paper App, set whether or not the Bluetooth-paired Digital Paper is automatically connected.
  • [Automatic Notification]
    Set whether Digital Paper automatically checks for software update information via the Internet.
  • [Automatic sync]
    When using the Digital Paper App, set whether or not the connected Digital Paper is automatically synced.
    • [Interval]
      Set the interval to sync automatically.
  • [Note template]
    Add a note template to the Digital Paper, delete a template, or change the name of a template.
  • [Wi-Fi of the Digital Paper]
    Set whether or not the Digital Paper is connected via Wi-Fi.
  • [Saved Wi-Fi networks]
    Add a Wi-Fi network for the Digital Paper to connect to, or edit/delete the settings for a Wi-Fi network that has already been stored.
    A Wi-Fi network can be set only when Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • [General Settings]
    Click [Edit] to edit each item.
    • [Username]
      The username that is set here will be listed as the author of annotations.
    • [Date format]
      Set the display format for the date.
    • [Time format]
      Set the display format for the time.
    • [Time zone]
      Set the time zone.
    • [Auto sleep]
      Set the amount of time before the Digital Paper enters sleep mode.


  • A maximum of 20 Wi-Fi networks can be stored to a Digital Paper device.
  • Digital Paper supports the security methods WPA2-PSK (AES) and 802.1x EAP (TLS/PEAP). See the instruction manual for your wireless router to confirm whether your router supports the same security methods.
  • When this device is connected with the Digital Paper App, the time is automatically set.