Transferring a document from a computer

Use the Digital Paper App to transfer documents. Only PDF files can be transferred to the Digital Paper.

  1. Connect the computer to the Digital Paper.
  2. Launch the Digital Paper App on the computer.
  3. Click [Folders] and open a folder on your Digital Paper (transfer destination).
  4. Select a file/folder on your computer, then drag-and-drop it into the Digital Paper App.

    Multiple files/folders can be selected and transferred together.


  • If the Wi-Fi function or Bluetooth function is turned off or the USB cable is removed during the transfer, the data may be corrupted.
  • The maximum file size for transfers is 1 GB per file.
  • Data cannot be transferred while [All documents] is selected on the Digital Paper App or while search results are being displayed. Click [Folders] and open a folder on your Digital Paper to transfer.


  • Files can also be transferred by clicking [Transfer documents to Digital Paper] on the Digital Paper App.
  • The amount of free space on the Digital Paper is displayed in the top left of the Digital Paper App screen.