Document screen

Tap anywhere on the screen of an open document to display the tool bar.

  1. (quick access list)
    Select and display a document from Recently Read or another document from the current folder.
  2. (Table of Contents)
    Display PDF bookmarks as a table of contents.
    This icon does not appear if you open a PDF without bookmarks.
  3. Jump to history
    When you move a page from the table of contents, page specified by [Page Jump], or link in the document, the previously opened page number is displayed under . Tap to jump to the page.
    When you tap to display the history page, the page number before returning is displayed under .
    You can move to the history page with (back) / (forward).
    Swiping a page does not display a history.
  4. Page position indicator
    Tap along the line to change page.
  5. (Paste)
    Paste the handwriting that you selected with Copy/Cut.
    This icon does not appear if Copy/Cut has not been selected.
  6. (pen settings)
    Set the [Pen Color], [Pen Thickness], or [Eraser Size].
  7. (zoom in)
    Zoom in on part of a document.
  8. (search)
    Search for the entered text or for the handwritten mark that you select.
  9. (option)
    Display a menu of available operations based on the situation.
  10. Filename

To hide the tool bar

Tap an area outside of the tool bar.

About the table of contents screen

(a): Expand and display all the contents.

(b): Collapse all the contents.

(c): Expand and display the hierarchy contents.

(d): Collapse the contents.