About the battery

When you press the (home) button, the battery icon (a) appears in the top right corner of the home menu, allowing you to check the remaining battery power and the charging status of your Digital Paper.

: When the icon contains four bars, the battery is full, and the number of bars decreases as the battery is depleted

: Charging complete

: Currently charging

Extending the life of the battery

  • When you will not be using the Digital Paper for a long time, hold down the (power) button for about three seconds to turn off the power.
  • Do not leave the Digital Paper for an extended period of time without charging it. Doing so may lower battery performance.
  • Use and store the Digital Paper within the recommended temperature range of 5 ℃ to 35 ℃ (41 °F to 95 °F).
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi function and Bluetooth function on the Digital Paper when you are not using the Digital Paper App on the computer. Press the (home) button and tap [Settings], then tap [Wi-Fi Settings] for the Wi-Fi function and [Bluetooth Settings] for the Bluetooth function to remove the check mark.


  • The remaining battery power and charging status of the pen cannot be viewed on the home menu. When the battery becomes low, a message will appear on the Digital Paper if you move the pen close to it. Please charge the pen before the battery is completely drained.