Searching for documents that contain a specific written mark (Digital Paper App)

Select a mark using the Digital Paper App to search for documents on the Digital Paper which contain the mark.

  1. Connect the computer to the Digital Paper.
  2. Launch the Digital Paper App on the computer.
  3. Set the search parameters.

    When you want to search all of the documents, click [All documents].

    When you want to search within a specific folder, click [Folders] and select the folder you want to search.

  4. Click [Mark], then select the mark you want to search and click [Search].

    The documents that contain the mark will be displayed.

    Even when there are multiple hits within a single document, the search results are displayed as just one document.

  5. Double-click on one search result.

    The computer will open the document using a PDF-viewer program.

To close the search results list

Click [Close search results].


  • Depending on the way written, marks may not be recognized.