Cannot charge the Digital Paper

  • Please use the supplied USB cable for charging. If you use a USB cable other than the one supplied, the performance and safety are not guaranteed.
  • Use the supplied USB cable to connect the computer directly to the Digital Paper. If connecting to the computer through a USB hub, functionality is not guaranteed.
  • When connected to a computer for charging, make sure that the computer is turned on. If the computer is off, the Digital Paper cannot be charged. If the power is on but the computer is in sleep mode, standby mode, or hibernation, the Digital Paper cannot be charged. Make sure that the computer will not enter any sort of sleep mode while charging.
  • When charging the Digital Paper from a laptop computer, it is necessary for the laptop to have a sufficient electrical supply. Please charge the Digital Paper while also charging the notebook computer.
  • Charge within the recommended temperature range of 5 °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F). When the Digital Paper is outside of the recommended temperature range and cannot be charged, remove the USB cable from the Digital Paper. Wait until the temperature is within the recommended range before reconnecting the USB cable and charging.