Displaying left and right pages in a two-page spread

Display the pages of a single document two at a time, as a left-right two-page spread.

  1. Tap anywhere on the screen of a document to display the tool bar.
  2. Tap (option) in the upper right of the document screen — [Two-Page Spread].

To change the page settings

Depending on whether the document has a cover page, you can change whether to start the two-page spread from page one.

Tap (option) — [Two-Page Spread Settings]. Select [Without cover] to display the two-page spread from page one, and select [With cover] to display the spread from page two.

To return to a single page display

Tap (option) — [Display Single Page].


  • When displaying a document as a two-page spread, you cannot display two documents side-by-side, rotate the document, create a side-note, or add/delete a page from a note.
  • You cannot draw across the span of two pages.