Connecting with a Paired BLUETOOTH Device

To use a paired BLUETOOTH device, connection with this unit is required. Some paired BLUETOOTH devices will connect automatically.

Activate the BLUETOOTH function on the BLUETOOTH device.

  1. Press HOME, then touch [Settings].
    If [Settings] is not set in the Favorite area, touch [All Apps] to display the HOME2 screen, then select [Settings].
  2. Touch [Device Connection].
    The list of paired BLUETOOTH devices appears.
    Select the BLUETOOTH device.

To connect from the BLUETOOTH device

When setting the BLUETOOTH setting of the BLUETOOTH device to [ON], select “XAV-AX4000” on the setting screen of your BLUETOOTH device. Connection is made automatically.

To connect the last-connected BLUETOOTH device from this unit

When the ignition is turned to on with the BLUETOOTH signal activated, this unit searches for the last-connected BLUETOOTH device, and connection is made automatically.

To capture your voice during handsfree calling

You need to install the microphone (supplied).

To install the microphone (supplied)

Connect the microphone (supplied) to the MIC IN connector.
For details, refer to “Operating Instructions” (supplied).

Illustration connecting the microphone to the unit

Set the connected microphone in your car.

Illustration setting the microphone in your car

A. Microphone (supplied)
B. Flat-mount base (supplied)
C. Double-sided tape (supplied)
D. Clip (not supplied)