Making a Call

  1. Press HOME, then touch [Phone].
    If [Phone] is not set in the Favorite area, touch [All Apps] to display the HOME2 screen, then select [Phone].
  2. Touch one of the call icons on the BLUETOOTH phone display.

    Illustration indicating the call icons on the BLUETOOTH phone display

    A. (Call History)*

    Select a contact from the call history list. The unit stores the last 20 calls.

    B. (Redial)

    Make a call automatically to the last contact you made.

    C. (Contacts)*

    Select a contact from the name list/number list. To search for the desired contact in alphabetical order from the name list, touch (Alphabetical Search).

    D. (Dialpad)

    Enter the phone number.

    E. Favorites

    Select the stored contact.
    To store the contact, see “To add phone numbers to Favorites” below.

    *The mobile phone needs to support PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile).

  3. Touch (call).
    The phone call starts.

To add phone numbers to Favorites

You can store up to 6 contacts in the Favorites.

  1. On the phone screen, touch (Contacts) and select a phone number you want to store in the Favorites.
    The confirmation display appears.
  2. Touch [Add to Favorites].
  3. Touch the desired preset in the Favorites to store the phone number.
    The contact is stored in the Favorites.


  • If the contact’s name or phone number is too long, the string ends with “...”.