Selects an equalizer curve.
(Available when any source is selected.)

Item Detail
EQ Selects the equalizer curve:
[Off], [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Dance], [Hip-Hop], [EDM], [Jazz], [Soul], [Country], [Custom 1], [Custom 2]
[Off], [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Dance], [Hip-Hop], [Jazz], [Soul], [Regueton], [Salsa], [Custom 1], [Custom 2]
[Off], [Bollywood], [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Dance], [Hip-Hop], [EDM], [Jazz], [Regueton], [Custom 1], [Custom 2]
[Off], [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Dance], [Hip-Hop], [EDM], [Jazz], [Soul], [Country], [Custom 1], [Custom 2]
Edit Custom EQ Adjusts the equalizer curve from –12 to +12.
When touching [EQ Adjust] of [EQ], [Edit Custom EQ] appears. The adjusted curve can be saved to [Custom 1] or [Custom 2] by touching [Save].

Illustration of the Edit Custom EQ screen

Subwoofer Level

Adjusts the volume level of the subwoofer: [Off], [On], –10 to +10.


Adjusts the balance/fader level.

Item Detail
Balance Adjusts the sound balance between the left and right speakers: [L15] to [R15].
Fader Adjusts the sound balance between the front and rear speakers: [Front 15] to [Rear 15].

Listening Position

Selects the listening position: [Front Left], [Front Right], [Front], [All], [Off], [Custom].
You can adjust the position of the sound image by correcting the arrival time of the sound according to the sitting position of the car. When selecting [Custom], [Time Alignment] appears. You can adjust the distance from each speaker to the listening position in 0.1 inch or 1 cm increments (unit switchable) to correct the time it takes for the sound to reach the listening position.

Illustration of the Time Alignment screen


Adjusts the cut-off frequency, slope, and subwoofer phase.

Item Detail
High Pass Filter Adjusts the cut-off frequency of the front/rear speakers.
Low Pass Filter Selects the cut-off frequency of the subwoofer.
Slope Adjusts the slope of the front/rear speakers and subwoofer.
Phase Selects the subwoofer phase: [Normal], [Reverse].