Using Android Auto™ Wirelessly

When using Android Auto for the first time, device registration (called “pairing”) is required. Pairing enables this unit and an Android Auto compatible Android™ phone to recognize each other.

  1. Place your Android phone within 1 m (3 ft) of this unit.
  2. Press HOME, then touch [Settings].
    If [Settings] is not set in the Favorite area, touch [All Apps] to display the HOME2 screen, then select [Settings].


    • You can touch [Devices] to open the [Device Connection] screen alternatively.
  3. Touch [Device Connection].
  4. Touch [+Add New Device].
  5. Operate your Android phone according to its message on the [Add New Device] screen.
    When setting the BLUETOOTH setting, Wi-Fi setting, and Android Auto of your Android phone to [ON], select “XAV-AX4000” on the setting screen of your Android phone and then proceed to the pairing steps.
  6. [Pairing Request] appears on the unit.
    Confirm the [Passkey:].
    The same 6-digit passkey appears on your Android phone and the unit.
  7. Touch [Pair], then touch [Start].


  • The unit can only be connected with one Android phone at a time.
  • To disconnect the BLUETOOTH connection, turn the connection off from either the unit or your Android phone.
  • While using Android Auto, BLUETOOTH connection is not possible. BLUETOOTH pairing is possible.
  • Android Auto may not be available in your country or region.