Listening to the Radio

Press HOME, then touch [Radio].
If [Radio] is not set in the Favorite area, touch [All Apps] to display the HOME2 screen, then select [Radio].

Reception controls/indications

Auto Tune:

Illustration of the radio screen

Manual Tune:

A. Preset area

Select a preset station.
Touch and hold to store the current frequency in that preset.
Touch / (up/down) to show the other preset stations.

B. Current band

Change the band (FM or AM).

C. (radio option)

Open the radio option menu.

D. Manual Tune

Switch the tuning between manually and automatically.

E. / (left/right)

Tune in automatically.

F. Current frequency, program service name*, RDS (Radio Data System) indication*

*Only available during RDS reception.

G. –/+

Tune in manually.
Touch and hold to continuously skip frequencies.