The Android Auto icon does not appear on the HOME screen.

  • Check your Android phone and complete the initial set up process on your Android phone.
  • There is no Android Auto application installed on your Android phone.
    • Download and install the Android Auto application or update to the latest version of the application onto your Android phone.
    • The Android Auto app is integrated into phones with Android 10 and above. You do not need to download it. If you need to access the app, you can find it in your phone (Settings/Apps). Android Auto isn’t available on devices that run Android (Go edition).
  • Your Android phone is not compatible with Android Auto.
    • Your Android phone needs to support Android Auto. Refer to the manual supplied with your Android phone, or visit the Android Auto website.
  • Disconnect your Android phone and reconnect it again.
  • Check that your Android phone is connected with [Device Connection] of [Settings].
  • Android Auto may not be available in your country or region.