Tuning Channels for SiriusXM

Reception controls/indications

Illustration of the SiriusXM radio screen

A. (list)

Open the channel list or category list.

B. Preset numbers

Select a preset channel. Touch / (up/down) to show the other preset channels.
Touch and hold to store the current channel in that preset.

C. Channel logo, channel name

D. (information)

Switch the channel information in H.

E. Channel number

F. (SXM option)

Open the SXM option menu.

G. CH– (previous channel) /CH+ (next channel)

Select a channel.

H. Album art, artist name (category name), song title (content information)

I. (play) / (pause), (previous) / (next), (Live)

Each feature is compatible with SXV200 or later tuner models.
(Live) is used to go back to live music/content.
You can reverse, forward, pause, and play by using the stored data while receiving the channel. During pause, [Replay Memory Full] may appear on the screen depending on the buffer.
Stored data will be erased when the ACC is OFF and the system is restarted.