Listening to the DAB/DAB+ Radio

Press HOME, then touch [DAB+].
If [DAB+] is not set in the Favorite area, touch [All Apps] to display the HOME2 screen, then select [DAB+].


  • Set [Antenna Power] to [On] (default) or [Off] depending on the type of DAB antenna (aerial) (not supplied).
  • When [DAB+] is selected for the first time after performing the factory reset, the Station List starts to update automatically. Allow the Update Station List to finish. (If interrupted, [Update Station List] will start again the next time you select [DAB+].) If no DAB station is stored in the Station List, tune by touching [Update Station List] of the Station List.

Reception controls/indications

Illustration of the DAB/DAB+ radio screen

Illustration of the DAB/DAB+ radio screen when zooming in on the Slideshow area.

A. (list)

Open the Station List and select a station from the Station List.
The Station Logo is displayed on the Station List if data is available.
To search the desired station in alphabetical order, touch (alphabetical search).

B. Preset list

Select a preset station.
Touch / (up/down) to show the other preset stations.
Touch and hold to store the current station in that preset.
In the initial state, all preset lists are unregistered.
The Station Logo is displayed if data is available.

C. (DAB icon)

Indicate the signal strength status of the DAB radio.

D. Station name

E. (DAB Options)

Open the DAB Options menu.

F. Station Logo / Slideshow area

Display the station name if there is no available Station Logo data or slideshow data.
The picture is enlarged if slideshow data is available.

G. (zoom out)

Zoom out on the enlarged slideshow, and the station name, program type of the station, and information for the broadcast contents are displayed.

H. Program type of the station

I. / (left/right)

Select previous/next station.

J. Information for the broadcast contents