Selects the display language: [Deutsch], [English], [Español], [Français], [Indonesian], [Italiano], [Nederlands], [Português], [Русский], [العربية],[简体中文], [繁體中文], [한국어].


When receiving the GPS signal before setting [Date/Time], [Date/Time] is set automatically.

Item Detail
Date Sets the date: [Month], [Day], [Year].
Time Sets the clock time: [Hour], [Minute], [AM/PM].
Date Format Selects the format: [DD-MM-YYYY], [MM-DD-YYYY], [YYYY-MM-DD].
Time Format Selects the format: [12-Hour], [24-Hour].

Demo Mode

Activates or deactivates the demonstration.

Steering Wheel Settings

Selects the input mode for the connected remote control. To prevent a malfunction, be sure to match the input mode with the connected remote control before use.
Set the [Custom] switch to [On].

Illustration of the Steering Wheel screen


  • While making settings, the connected remote control cannot be used even though some functions have already been registered. Use the buttons on the unit.
  • This function may not be available on some vehicles. For details on the compatibility of your vehicle, visit the support site.

System Sound

Activates or deactivates the operation sound.

Volume Settings

Adjusts the volume level of each source.

Item Detail
Media Adjusts the volume of media: 0 to 50.
Radio Announcements (XAV-AX4050(EUR)) Adjusts the volume of radio announcements: 0 to 50.
Phone Call Adjusts the volume of phone calls: 0 to 50.
Ring Tone Adjusts the volume of the ring tone: 0 to 50.
Voice Recognition Adjusts the volume of voice recognition: 0 to 50.
Maestro Chime (XAV-AX4000(UC)) Adjusts the volume of Maestro chime: 0 to 50. (Available only when the connection with iDataLink Maestro is established.)
Navigation Guidance Adjusts the volume of navigation guidance from Apple CarPlay or Android Auto: 0 to 50.


  • When adjusting the volume settings, park your car in a safe place as it may be too loud to hear the surrounding sounds.

Optional Audio Output Channel

Selects the channels for call, guidance, and prompt audio: [Front], [Rear].


Adjusts the brightness level of the display and buttons by changing the value.
When [Activate the set value with the vehicle's light] is on, the display and buttons turn on at this brightness level when the head lights are turned on.

Key Illumination

Dims the button illumination: [Off], [On].

Key Brightness on Display Off

Dims the button brightness when the monitor is turned off: [Off], [1], [2], [3], [4].

Driver's Position

Selects the driving position to optimize usability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: [Left Side], [Right Side].

MIC Adjust

Sets the microphone parameters according to the size of the car: [Small Cabin], [Medium Cabin], [Large Cabin].

Bluetooth Signal

Activates the BLUETOOTH signal: [Off], [On].

Touch Panel Calibration

Adjusts the touch screen calibration if the touching position does not correspond with the proper item.

Change PSK

Changes the Wi-Fi pass key.

System Information

Displays the system information: [Software Version], [Serial Number], [Wi-Fi Status], [Bluetooth Status], [GPS Status], [Speed Sensor Status].

Software Update

Updates the software via USB flash drive or USB tethering.

Factory Reset

Initializes all the settings to the factory settings.

Open Source Licenses

Displays the software licenses.