About the “Sony | Headphones Connect” Dashboard

Sony | Headphones Connect” Dashboard is explained.

Illustration of the Dashboard screen

A: Displays headphones connected to “Sony | Headphones Connect”.

B: You can turn off the headphones.
This icon is displayed only for headphones that support the power off function.

C: Tap to display the following menu.

Menu items Descriptions
XXXX Tutorial You can check how to operate the headphones. Headphones connected to “Sony | Headphones Connect” are shown in “XXXX”.
XXXX Version You can check the software version of the headphones. Headphones connected to “Sony | Headphones Connect” are shown in “XXXX”.
Account You can display and edit your account information.

D: Displays the status of headphone settings.

Menu items Descriptions
DSEE Extreme DSEE Extreme function is available.
DSEE HX DSEE HX function is available.
DSEE DSEE function is available.
LDAC icon LDAC™ codec is selected.
AAC AAC codec is selected.
aptX Qualcomm® aptX™ audio codec is selected.
aptX HD Qualcomm® aptX™ HD audio codec is selected.
SBC SBC codec is selected.
LE Audio icon Currently connected via LE Audio connection.
LC3 LC3 codec is selected.

E: Displays the status of the BLUETOOTH connection and the remaining battery charge.

Menu items Descriptions
Bluetooth icon Currently connected via BLUETOOTH connection.
Battery icon The remaining battery charge is displayed.
The remaining battery charge for the charging case indicates the battery charge when the headphones were last removed from the charging case.

F: It is divided into [Status]/[Sound]/[System]/[Services] tabs.

Depending on your headphones or country/region, these tabs may not be displayed.

G: Displays the features supported by the headphones on the Dashboard.

The function name or the items displayed on the screen may be different depending on the headphones used.

H: Tap to display the following pages.

Menu items Descriptions
Headphones Displays the “Sony | Headphones Connect” Dashboard.
  • Listening History
    You can check the Listening History of your headphones per scene, etc.
  • Log
    You can see the usage time, locations, etc. you used the headphones.
  • Safe Listening
    You can check the sound dose.
    It may not be displayed depending on the headphones used.
  • Badge
    You can check the acquired badges.
  • Help
    You can check help and troubleshooting of the app as well as your headphones.
  • Backup and restoration of settings and data
    You can link your account and back up and restore settings and data.
  • About this app
    You can check the version, license information, country or region, end user license agreement, and privacy policy of the app.