Detecting actions and adjusting the noise canceling function automatically (Adaptive Sound Control)

One of the four action presets (Staying/Walking/Running/Transport) is automatically selected. You can edit the four presets to your desired volume or mode of ambient sound.

When selecting [Adaptive Sound Control] on the Dashboard, the screen changes to the detecting screen.

Editing Presets

When you select the (settings) icon on the [Adaptive Sound Control] menu, the screen changes to the preset editing screen. You can adjust the volume or mode of the ambient sound on the editing screen.

For headphones compatible with Focus on Voice

When you check the [Focus on Voice] box, unwanted noise will be suppressed, taking in only announcements and people’s voices, which can be played (heard) while listening to music.


  • When you are running or walking and you come to a halt at a traffic light, etc., the action status will not be changed to [Staying] immediately. It will be changed after you stand still for a while.
  • You can select [Long] or [Short] as the time it takes for the headphones to switch to [Staying].