Speaking with someone while wearing the headphones (Speak-to-Chat)

With the Speak-to-Chat function, the headphones will pause music playback and capture ambient sounds just as you start speaking. You can speak while wearing the headphones.

If your voice is not detected for the specified amount of time, the Speak-to-Chat mode closes and returns to the normal state. Also, the mode can be closed at any time by operating the headphones.

When you select the (settings) icon on [Speak-to-Chat], you can set the voice detection sensitivity and the time until the Speak-to-Chat mode closes.

Changing the voice detect sensitivity

When you select [Voice Detect Sensitivity], you can change the sensitivity setting according to the usage conditions or the surrounding circumstances.

Changing the time until the Speak-to-Chat mode closes

When you select [Time until the mode closes], you can change the time until the Speak-to-Chat mode closes after the headphones detect no voice.