File Format (still image)

still image

Sets the file format for still images.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Image Quality/Rec][File Format] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Digital processing is not performed on this file format. Select this format to process images on a computer for professional purposes.
A RAW image and a JPEG image are created at the same time. This is suitable when you need two image files, a JPEG for viewing, and a RAW for editing.
The image is recorded in the JPEG format.

About RAW images

  • To open a RAW image file recorded with this camera, the software Imaging Edge Desktop is needed. With Imaging Edge Desktop, you can open a RAW image file, then convert it into a popular image format such as JPEG or TIFF, or readjust the white balance, saturation or contrast of the image.
  • RAW images shot by the camera are recorded in the compressed RAW format.


  • If you do not intend to edit the images on your computer, we recommend that you record in JPEG format.