Basic icons displayed on the monitor

This section describes the screen display when the shooting mode is (Program Auto).

  • The following is an example of the display when [DISP (Screen Disp) Set] is set to [Display All Info.] and the touch function icons are hidden.
  • The displayed content and positions are for reference only, and may differ from the actual display. Some icons may not be displayed depending on the camera settings.
  • For information on how to show/hide the touch function icons and examples of the touch function icon display, refer to “Touch function icons.”

During movie recording

Illustration of the screen during movie recording

  1. [Shoot Mode] is set to [Program Auto].
  2. Audio level
  3. [Microphone Directivity] is set to [Auto].
  4. [Focus Mode] is set to [Continuous AF].
  5. Actual shooting time of the movie
  6. The camera is in the shooting standby mode.
  7. [File Format] is set to [XAVC S HD] and [Rec Frame Rate] is set to [60p].
  8. Recordable movie time on the memory card
  9. Remaining battery level
  10. Shutter speed
  11. Aperture value
  12. Exposure compensation
  13. [ISO] is set to [ISO AUTO]. (The ISO value automatically set by the camera is displayed.)
  14. [White Balance] is set to [Auto].

During still image shooting

Illustration of the screen during still image shooting

  1. Number of still images that can be recorded on the memory card
  2. [JPEG Quality] is set to [Fine].
  3. [JPEG Image Size] is set to [L: 20M].
  4. [Focus Mode] is set to [Automatic AF].
  5. [Shoot Mode] is set to [Program Auto].
  6. [Drive Mode] is set to [Single Shooting].
  7. [Focus Area] is set to [Wide].
  8. [D-Range Optimizer: Auto] is selected.
  9. [Creative Look] is set to [ST].
  10. [Metering Mode] is set to [Multi].
  11. [White Balance] is set to [Auto].
  12. [Subject Recog in AF] is set to [On] and [Recognition Target] is set to [Human].
  13. [Soft Skin Effect] is set to [On: Mid].
  14. [Picture Profile] is set to [Off].