You can zoom by using the W/T (zoom) lever or by touching the zoom icon on the screen.

Using the zoom lever

  1. Enlarge the subject using the W/T (zoom) lever.
    • Move the W/T (zoom) lever to the T side to zoom in and to the W side to zoom out.

Touching the zoom icons on the screen

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Touch Operation][Shooting Screen][On].
  2. Swipe in from the left or right edge of the screen to display the touch function icons.
    • The swiping direction changes according to the settings for [Swipe Right] and [Swipe Left] under [Shooting Screen].
  3. Touch (Zoom) icon (A), and then select the magnification scale (B). Alternatively, touch and hold the W or T icon (C).

    Illustration of the screen for setting the magnification after touching the zoom icon

    (A): (Zoom) icon

    (B): Magnification scale

    (C): W/T icon