Focus Magnifier

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

You can check the focus by enlarging the image before shooting.

Unlike with [Auto Magnifier in MF], you can magnify the image without needing to perform manual focusing operations.

  1. MENU (Focus) → [Focus Assistant][Focus Magnifier].
  2. Press the center of the control wheel to enlarge the image and select the area you want to enlarge using top/bottom/left/right side of the control wheel.
    • You can set the initial magnification by selecting MENU (Focus) → [Focus Assistant][Initial Focus Mag.] or [Initial Focus Mag.].
  3. Confirm the focus.
    • Press the (Delete) button to bring the magnified position into the center of an image.
    • When the focus mode is [Manual Focus], you can adjust the focus while an image is magnified. The [Focus Magnifier] function will be canceled when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
    • You can set how long the image is to be shown magnified by selecting MENU (Focus) → [Focus Assistant][Focus Magnif. Time].

To use the focus magnifier function by touch operation

When [Touch Func. in Shooting] is set to [Touch Focus], you can magnify the image and adjust the focus by touching the monitor. Set in advance as follows.

  • [Touch Operation]: [On]
    • Set [Shooting Screen] to [On].
    • Set [Touch Func. in Shooting] to [Touch Focus].
When the focus mode is [Manual Focus], you can perform [Focus Magnifier] by double-tapping the area to focus on.


  • While using the focus magnifier function, you can move the magnified area by dragging it on the touch panel.
  • To exit the focus magnifier function, double-tap the monitor again. You can also exit the focus magnifier function by pressing the shutter button halfway down.