Using a leather case

(Only for models supplied with a leather case)

To attach the leather case

Place the Walkman inside the leather case.

Attach the projecting parts of the leather case to the slots on the Walkman.

To remove the Walkman from the leather case

Notes on the genuine leather case

  • The leather case is made of natural leather. Unlike artificial leather, natural leather may have scratches, wrinkles, or vein marks on the surface. Each leather case has different characteristics and colors.
  • Leather is a soft material. If you wrap the headphone cord around the leather case, it may leave dents or cord marks on the leather case.
  • Before you use a cleaner, read the instructions carefully. Try the cleaner on an inconspicuous part first.
  • For cleaning, do not use any type of solvent such as alcohol or paint thinner. Such solvents may damage the leather case. For example, they may cause color fading, deformation, or degradation.
  • Moisture such as rain or sweat, or friction may cause discoloration or color transference to your clothes, etc.
  • Do not use or store the leather case in the following kinds of places.
    • Places where the leather case is exposed to direct sunlight (such as in a car).
    • Places with extremely high/low temperatures.
    • Places with high humidity or dust.

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