Resetting/Formatting/Initializing the Walkman

This topic includes instructions for the following operations.

  • Resetting the Walkman.
  • Formatting the memory of the Walkman.
  • Rebuilding the database on the Walkman.
  • Initializing the Walkman.

Confirm the details of each function. Then, select the appropriate menu item for your needs.

  1. On the library screen, tap the menu items in the following order.
    – [Settings] – [Device Settings] ([Basic Settings]) – [Reset/Format].
  2. Tap the operation that you want to execute.

    Follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure to confirm the messages carefully.

    [Reset All Settings] This operation resets all setting parameters to the default settings.

    If you select this operation, the Walkman will restart automatically.

    [Format System Storage] This operation formats the internal memory of the Walkman. Note that all data (including sample data) stored on the Walkman will be deleted. Save a backup copy of important data.
    [Rebuild Database] This operation rebuilds the database on the Walkman.

    You can rebuild the database manually.

    [Restore to Factory Configuration] This operation initializes both the settings and internal memory. You can restore the Walkman to its default settings. All transferred data will be erased. However, the Walkman will restore its preinstalled sample content and installers as default settings.

    If you select this operation, the Walkman will restart automatically and the initial setup wizard will launch.


  • Even if you perform [Reset All Settings], the following settings will not be changed.

    • Elapsed time of the selected track
    • Preset 1 through 3 for [Saved Sound Settings]
    • The bookmark list (1 through 10)
    • User settings for the library screen
    • Information on recently transferred content
    • Clock settings
    • Language settings
    • User setting for [Text Input]


  • Sony does not guarantee performance if you format the memory of the Walkman using a computer.
  • If you execute [Restore to Factory Configuration]/[Reset All Settings], pairing information for Bluetooth devices will be deleted from the Walkman.
  • If you rebuild the database, the following information will be erased.
    • Elapsed time of the selected track
    • Playback order

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