What is noise canceling? (INZONE H9 only)

The noise canceling function reduces ambient sound by generating antiphase sound that counters and cancels outside ambient sounds (such as the noise inside vehicles or noise from indoor air conditioners).


  • Depending on the type of noise or if it is used in a very quiet environment, you may not feel the effect of noise canceling, or you may feel that some noise is increased.
  • When you are wearing the headset, depending on how you wear the headset, the effect of noise canceling may be decreased or a beeping sound (feedback) may be heard. In this case, take off the headset and put it on again.
  • The noise canceling function works primarily on noise in lower frequencies such as air conditioner and vehicle noise. While noise is reduced, it is not completely canceled.
  • When you use the headset in a car or a bus, noise may occur depending on street conditions.
  • Mobile phones may cause interference and noise. Should this occur, move the headset further away from the mobile phone.
  • Do not cover the microphones on the left and right units of the headset with your hand, etc. If they are covered, the effect of the noise canceling or the Ambient Sound Mode may not perform properly, or a beeping sound (feedback) may occur. If any of this is the case, remove your hands, etc. from the left and right microphones.

    Illustration indicating the locations of the left and right noise canceling function microphones (A)

    A: Noise canceling function microphones (external) (left, right)