Supported codecs

A codec is an audio coding algorithm used when transmitting sound via a Bluetooth connetion.

The headset supports the following 2 codecs for music playback via an A2DP connection: SBC and AAC.

  • SBC

    This is an abbreviation for Subband Codec.

    This is the standard audio coding technology used by Bluetooth devices.

    All Bluetooth devices support SBC.

  • AAC

    This is an abbreviation for Advanced Audio Coding.

    AAC is mainly used by Apple products such as iPhones, and it provides higher sound quality than that of SBC.

With the headset set to the “Priority on sound quality” mode, when music in one of the above codecs is transmitted from a connected device, the headset switches to that codec automatically and plays back the music in the same codec.

However, depending on the device to be connected with the headset, you may need to set the device beforehand to listen to music in a different codec on the headset, even if the device supports a codec of higher sound quality than SBC.

Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the device regarding setting the codec.