Downloading Proxy Clips from a Connected Device to a Mobile Device


  • If is not displayed in the following steps, your device does not support this function.
  1. Tap (Menu) - [Browse].
  2. Select the [Proxy] tab.
    The list of clips appears.
  3. Select the checkboxes of the clips to be downloaded.
  4. Tap .

    The selected clips are added to the job list and will be downloaded.

    To view the clip's downloading status, tap (Menu) – [Download] in [Job list].


  • You can select how to deal with the downloading clip (from Rename and Add, Overwrite, or Fail) when a same-name clip already exists in your mobile device. Tap (Menu) – [Application] in [Settings] – [Download] – [Duplicated clip name].
  • You can specify the location for storing clips in the mobile device by tapping (Menu) – [Application] in [Settings] – [Download] – [Destination], then selecting [App storage] or [Shared storage (DCIM)] (Android) / [Shared storage (Photos)] (iOS).
    When [App storage] is selected, you can browse downloaded clips on the Browse screen. For iOS devices, you can also browse clips on the Files app.
    When [Shared storage (DCIM)] (Android) / [Shared storage (Photos)] (iOS) is selected, clips cannot be browsed on the Browse screen. You can browse clips using Photos on iOS devices or the Files app on Android devices.