Functions Supported by Connected Devices

There are functions you can/cannot operate with the Content Browser Mobile, depending on the device you connect to and its firmware version.

In this topic, you can check whether you can operate the connecting device with the application. Before checking, be sure to establish a Wi-Fi connection between the smartphone or tablet (hereafter called “mobile device”) on which the application is installed and the device.

Functions you can check by tapping (Menu)

  • Displaying a list of clips stored in the connected device

    [Browse] appears.

  • Loading planning metadata to the connected device and uploading clips related to planning metadata

    [Planning Metadata] appears.

  • Creating a storyboard

    [Storyboard] appears.

  • Viewing the status of transferring clips stored in the connected device

    [Job list] appears.

  • Adjusting the settings of the connected device (Network-related settings only)

    Connected device name appears in the [Settings] area.

Functions you can check by operating the connected device


  • Depending on the connected device, [Monitoring] cannot be used on Android devices with an Intel processor.