Editing Planning Metadata

You can edit planning metadata imported to Content Browser Mobile. You can also set the essence mark names.

  1. Open the planning metadata to be edited.
  2. Tap [Property] tab or [Marks] tab to edit metadata.

    [Property] tab

    You can edit Title 1, Title 2, etc.

    [Marks] tab

    Set the names to be displayed for the essence marks from [Mark 1] to [Mark 0].

  3. Tap .

    An edited content is automatically saved.


  • To delete planning metadata, select the checkboxes of the planning metadata in the list then tap . You can delete planning metadata only in the [App] tab of the mobile device.


  • Title 1 shall be in an ASCII format and up to 44 characters.
  • Title 2 shall be in a UTF-8 format and up to 44 bytes.
  • Essence mark names can be up to 32 bytes of ASCII and UTF-16.
  • The first character of an essence mark name cannot be an underscore “_.”