Camcorder Operations

  1. Tap [Monitoring] in (Menu).
    The following operations are available.


  • Audio monitoring is not available.
  • If monitoring is not available due to the limitations of the connected device or other factors, the message, “The connected device can't stream to this app for some reasons.” appears.

Recording videos

Tap .

To stop recording, tap .


  • If the simultaneous recording of Proxy files on the connected device is enabled, Proxy files are also recorded.

Adjusting [WB], [ND], [IRIS], [GAIN], [EI], [SHUT], [FOCUS], [ZOOM], and [Gamma] / [Monitor LUT] (PXW-FX9), [Scene file] / [Base look] (ILME-FX6)

To change the settings, tap the respective icons, and then adjust the slider and/or select the listed items.


  • Available items vary depending on the connected devices and Shooting Mode.
  • The remaining battery charge and remaining media space of the connected device are displayed along the edges of the screen.
  • To switch the display area of the screen, tap while in landscape orientation.
  • Tap to display the information such as the recording format.
  • Unchangeable settings are displayed in white.
  • You can tap to lock or unlock screen operations.