Connecting via USB Tethering

Establish a connection with USB tethering between a mobile device and the device that you want to connect to.


  • The desired device needs to be supported via USB tethering on your mobile device and be compatible with Camera Remote Control via USB tethering.
  • Set the Camera Remote Control setting for “Modem” to “Enable.”
  • When using a compatible device without an access authentication setting, step 4 is not required.
    Perform step 4 only when using a compatible device without a default access authentication setting or when the default access authentication setting has been changed.

  1. Tap (Menu) – [Connect].
  2. Tap [Refresh].
    Compatible devices that can be connected appear.
  3. Tap a device to connect.
  4. Enter a [user name] and [password] which are set on the compatible device.

    If authentication is successful, the connection is established and the menu screen appears.


  • If both Wi-Fi connection and USB tethering connection are enabled, the mobile device searches devices connected via USB tethering.
  • Checking the [Show password] checkbox in the authentication dialog box displays the input password as plain text. Be aware that this may allow your password to be intercepted by a third party.
  • On the next connection, step 4 is not required because the successfully authenticated user name and password are saved to this application.
    If you want to delete the saved user name and password, see “Deleting the Registered User Name and Password.”


  • To disconnect, tap the connected device.
  • To view device information, tap of the connected device.
  • When the network client mode of the connected device is set to on, the connection status of the network client mode is displayed. The connection status is indicated by 3 icons; (connecting(flashing)), (connected), and (connection error). To view detailed error reasons, etc., tap to display a screen with the NCM status.
  • Targeted network interfaces (Wi-Fi, Tethering, Wired LAN, No active I/F) are displayed on the top of the screen.