Parts and controls

Buttons/Indicators/Terminals section, Speaker/Illumination LED section

Do not directly touch areas 5, 6, and 8.

  1. DC IN 19.5 V jack
  2. AUDIO IN jack
  3. ON/STANDBY (power) button/indicator

    Press briefly to turn the illumination LED on and off.

    Press and hold to turn the speaker on and off.

  4. BLUETOOTH indicator
  5. Passive radiator
  6. Organic glass tweeter
  7. Illumination LED
  8. Woofer
  9. Reflector

Base operating section

  1. (illumination LED) +/ buttons

    Raise and lower the brightness of the illumination LED.

  2. TIMER / PAIRING button

    Press briefly to set the Sleep Timer.

    Press and hold to turn on pairing mode.

  3. ADD (Speaker Add function) button
  4. (volume) +/ buttons
  5. RESET button
  6. N-Mark

    Touch here when connecting by One-touch (NFC).