Auto Power Save function

When the Glass Sound Speaker is not releasing sound and only the illumination LED is in use, the Auto Power Save function allows you to use the speaker while consuming significantly less power.

If the speaker satisfies the following conditions for five consecutive minutes, BLUETOOTH standby mode is activated by the Auto Power Save function, and power consumption is significantly decreased.

  • No operation on the speaker.
  • No operation of the speaker via “Sony | Music Center”.
  • No BLUETOOTH connection has been established between the speaker and a BLUETOOTH device.
  • No music (sound) is played when the speaker is connected to a BLUETOOTH device.

The speaker keeps the following status when the Auto Power Save function is active.

  • No sound is output from the speaker.
  • The Illumination LED can be used normally.
  • A BLUETOOTH connection remains connected.
  • The ON/STANDBY indicator does not change.


  • When music is played, the Auto Power Save function is automatically canceled.
  • Because the speaker can still be used normally, there is no indication of whether the Auto Power Save function is active.


  • The Auto Power Save function will not activate when a device is connected to the AUDIO IN jack.