How to place the Walkman on your ears

Select earbuds with the appropriate size for each ear. If the earbuds do not stay in your ears, try another size.

  1. Check the left and right parts of the Walkman.

    : left

    : right

  2. Hold down the button () for 3 seconds to turn on the Walkman.
  3. Hang the neckband over the top of your ears and behind your head.
  4. Place the headphone sections into your ears.
  5. Adjust the Walkman so it feels comfortable.


  • If the Walkman does not feel comfortable, replace the earbuds.
  • To use the Walkman for swimming, change the earbuds to Swimming Earbuds.


  • Fit the Walkman into your ears while the earbuds and your ears are still dry.
  • Fit the earbuds into your ears securely. If there is a gap between your ears and the headphones, water will get into your ears.
  • Do not bend or deform the neckband. If you repeatedly bend the same part of the neckband, it may become damaged or break. If the neckband is broken, the internal wire may come out and injure you. In this case, stop using the Walkman.

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