Registering an FTP server

You can register FTP servers for FTP transfers to the camera. Up to three FTP servers can be registered. As an example, the method for registering [FTP Server 1] is described here.

  1. MENU (Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][FTP Server 1].
    • The setting screen for FTP Server 1 will appear.
  2. Select each setting item and then input the setting value for FTP Server 1.
    • Input each item using the software keyboard and then select [OK].

Menu item details

Display Name:
Input a name for the FTP server to be registered.
Destination Settings:
Configure the following items for the FTP server:
  • Host Name: The host name or IP address of the server
  • Secure Protocol: Set whether or not to execute secure FTP transfers
  • Port: The port number of the FTP server
  • Directory: The destination folder name
User Info Settings:
Input a user name and password to log on to the FTP server.

About the destination folder

The destination folder configuration is as follows.

When “aaa” is specified as the destination folder name
When the destination folder name is not specified

interpub\ftproot: Destination folder name set by the FTP server side

aaa: Folder name specified by the camera

ILCE9-xxxxxx: Model name and serial number

hhmmss: Transfer time

DCIM\100MSDCF: Name of the transfer source folder inside the camera

yyyy-mm-dd: Transfer date

  • Even if an image with the same file name is transmitted again, the image will be transferred to another folder with a different transfer time, so the image will not be overwritten.


  • For details on how to input using the software keyboard, see the “Help Guide” for the camera.


  • It is recommended that you set [Secure Protocol] to [On]. When it is set to [Off], communications between the camera and the FTP server may be intercepted. Also, user names, passwords, and file data may be leaked if the camera connects to an unintended FTP server.
  • The camera is not compatible with active mode FTP transfers.