Transferring images in a batch

You can specify the target transfer range, such as protected images or non-transferred images, and transfer only the necessary images together as a batch. Set MENU(Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][FTP Function] to [On] in advance.

  1. MENU(Playback) → [Select PB Media] → desired slot.
  2. MENU(Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][FTP Transfer].
  3. Specify the FTP transfer target.
    • Target range: Select from [This Media] or [This Date] (in case of Date View)/[This Folder] (in case of Folder View).
    • Target images: Select from [All] or [Only Protected Img.].
    • Transfer status: Select from [All] or [Only Non-transfer]* or [Only Failed Transfer].

      * [Only Non-transfer] also includes images for which transfer failed.

  4. Select [OK] and press the center of the control wheel.
  5. Select [OK] and press the center.
    Image transfer starts.

Image transfer status

You can check the image transfer status on the playback screen.

FTP transfer underway
FTP transfer complete
FTP transfer failed


  • You cannot select the next image to be transferred while image transfer is underway.
  • When [Recover Image DB] is executed, all transfer statuses for that slot are cleared.