Updating the root certificate on the camera

When executing FTP transfers with [Secure Protocol] set to [On], a root certificate is needed to verify the server. The root certificate is saved to the camera and can be updated. To update the root certificate, save the certificate to a memory card and import it to the camera.

  1. Save a root certificate to a memory card.
    • Save the certificate to the root directory of the memory card in the PEM format, and name it “cacert.pem.”
  2. Insert the memory card to which the root certificate has been saved into the camera’s memory card slot.
    • If the camera has two memory card slots, insert the memory card into Slot 1.
  3. MENU (Network) → [Imp Root Certificate][OK].
    • The root certificate saved to the memory card is read by the camera, and then the root certificate on the camera is updated.


  • Do not remove the memory card from the camera during read operations.
  • When the network settings are reset, the root certificate on the camera is reset as well.