Registering an FTP server

You can register FTP servers for FTP transfers to the camera. Up to nine FTP servers can be registered. As an example, the method for registering [Server 1] is described here.

  1. MENU (Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][Server Setting][Server 1].
  2. Select each setting item and then input the setting value for Server 1.
    • Input each item using the software keyboard and then select [OK]. For details on how to input using the software keyboard, see the “Help Guide” for the camera.

Menu item details

Display Name:
Input a name for the FTP server to be registered.
Destination Settings:
Configure the following items for the FTP server:
  • Host Name: The host name or IP address of the server
  • Secure Protocol: Set whether or not to execute secure FTP transfers
  • Root Certificate Error: Normally it is recommended to set [Does Not Connect]. If a certificate error is displayed, update the root certificate and connect with the correct authentication.
  • Port: The port number of the FTP server
Directory Settings:
Set the destination folder on the FTP server.
  • Specify Directory: Set the destination folder.
    For example, when “aaa” is specified as the destination folder name, jpeg files are transferred in the manner of C:\interpub\ftproot\aaa\DSC00001.jpg.
    When the folder is not specified, jpeg files are transferred to directly below the user folder in the manner of C:\interpub\ftproot\DSC00001.jpg.
  • Directory Hierarchy:
    • [Standard]: Files are transferred to the folder set by [Specify Directory].
    • [Same as in Camera]: The folder configuration is the same as that of the memory card inserted into the camera.
      If the camera has two memory slots, destination folder name is “A” for Slot 1 and “B” for Slot 2.
      Example: C:\interpub\ftproot\A\DCIM\100MSDCF\DSC00001.jpg
  • Same File Name: When there is a file with the same name at the destination, set whether to overwrite the file. When [Does Not Overwrite] is set and there is a file with the same name at the destination, an underscore and a number are added to the end of the file name. (Example: DSC00001_1.jpg)
User Info Settings:
Input a [User] and [Password] to log on to the FTP server.

To select the server to be used for transfer

MENU(Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][Server Setting] → desired server.


  • It is recommended that you set [Secure Protocol] to [On]. When it is set to [Off], communications between the camera and the FTP server may be intercepted. Also, user names, passwords, and file data may be leaked if the camera connects to an unintended FTP server.
  • When [Connect] is selected by [Root Certificate Error], [Connected (Root Certificate Error)] will be displayed in the [FTP Transfer Func.] screen. In addition, a connection is established forcibly even when a valid root certificate is not imported to the camera, so the camera may be connected to an unintended FTP server.
  • The camera is not compatible with active mode FTP transfers.