Using the FTP Power Save function

You can cut off the network connection when not executing FTP transfer to avoid running down the battery.

  1. MENU(Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][FTP Power Save] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Always connects to the network.
Connects to the network only during FTP transfer. When FTP transfer is not executed for a certain time, the network connection is automatically cut off.


  • When the following operations are performed in FTP Power Save mode, the network connection is reestablished and FTP Power Save mode is canceled.
    • When the FTP server to be used setting is changed.
    • When the connection is switched between wired LAN and wireless LAN (only on models supporting wired LAN).
    • When the LAN connection setting is changed.
    • When image transfer is executed using [FTP Transfer] or [FTP Transfer (1 img.)].
    • When an image is recorded with [Auto Trans When Shot] set to [On].
    • When [FTP Function] is set to [Off].