Transferring images to an FTP server

You can transfer images to the selected FTP server. Configure the settings for the FTP server setting and the wired/wireless LAN in advance.

  1. MENU (Playback) → [Select PB Media] → desired slot.
  2. Set the camera to playback mode.
  3. MENU (Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][FTP Transfer] → Select the network connection method.
    • The connection will start when you select the network connection method.
    • Once a connection to the FTP server has been established, the image selection screen will appear.
  4. Select the images to transfer and then select MENU → [OK].
    • The image transfer will start when you select [OK].
    • To cancel the transfer, select [Cancel].
  5. To continue transferring other images, select [OK] on the completion screen.
    The camera will go back to Step 4.


  • If connecting via a wired LAN, see the “Help Guide” for the camera for the location of the terminal.
  • If connecting via a wireless LAN, make sure that you are near the registered access point.


  • You can only transfer still images recorded by the camera using FTP.
  • Do not remove the memory card from the camera during transfer operations.
  • You can only use a wired LAN connection when [Airplane Mode] is set to [On].