USB-DAC screen in “Music player”

You can use the player as a USB-DAC device. Use this function to listen to music content on a computer.

To switch to the USB-DAC function

On the library screen in the “Music player”, tap [USB DAC].

  1. Library top button

    Tap to turn off the USB-DAC function.

  2. Input signal lamp

    The lamp indicates the presence and quality of the input signal.

    • Lights up in green: PCM signal
    • Lights up in blue: DSD signal
    • Off: No signal is detected or there is an active Bluetooth connection
  3. Sound quality of the input signal (codec, sampling frequency, quantization bit rate)

  4. Back button

    Tap to turn off the USB-DAC function.

  5. Options button

Option menu

Tap (Options) to display the option menu.

Select the item to display the Settings menu for “Music player”.


  • Swipe the USB-DAC screen upwards if you want to adjust the sound.

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