• Clean the player with a soft cloth, such as a cleaning cloth for eyeglasses.

  • To clean a player that has gotten very dirty, use a cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.

    Be careful not to get water inside the player.

  • Do not clean with solvents such as alcohol, naphtha, or paint thinner. These solvents may damage the surface of the player.

  • Clean the headphone plug occasionally with a soft dry cloth. Noise or sound skipping may occur if the plug is dirty.

  • (NW-WM1ZM2 only)

    This product contains gold plating with purity of about 99.7 % gold. Wipe gently without rubbing strongly when you clean the product. The gold-plated parts are more sensitive than regular plated parts. When you clean the product, Sony recommends working on a tabletop covered with a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.