Deleting tracks from “Music player”

  1. On the library screen in “Music player”, tap the desired category (albums, artists, etc.), and the desired subcategory until a track list appears.

    To delete a folder, tap [Folder] and then the desired folder.

  2. Tap (Context menu) to the right side of the desired item.
  3. Tap [Delete].


  • You can also delete music content from the playback screen for “Music player”.
    Tap the menu items in the following order.
    (Options) - [Delete].
    The current track will be deleted from “Music player”.
  • You can also delete tracks on a computer using the following applications. For details on operations, refer to the online help information for each application.
    • Windows: Music Center for PC (version 2.4 or later), Windows Explorer


  • When you delete tracks using Windows Explorer, do not delete or rename the default folder (such as [Music]). Otherwise, “Music player” will not recognize the content.

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