Checking the remaining battery charge

You can check the remaining battery charge of the rechargeable battery by the following way.

If the headset has enough remaining battery charge when you turn on the headset, the (power) indicator (white) flashes twice.

When you press the (power) button while the headset is on, a voice guidance indicating the remaining battery charge can be heard.

“Battery about XX %” (The “XX” value indicates the approximate remaining charge.)

“Battery fully charged”

The remaining battery charge indicated by the voice guidance may differ from the actual remaining charge in some cases. Use it as a rough estimate.

When the remaining battery charge of the headset is 20% or lower

A notification sound is emitted and the charging indicator (orange) flashes for about 15 seconds. If you hear the voice guidance says “Low battery”, charge the headset as soon as possible.

When the battery becomes completely empty, a notification sound is emitted. The voice guidance says “Battery is empty” and the headset automatically turns off.

When using the headset by connecting to a computer

When the headset is connected to a computer, the icon indicating the remaining battery charge is displayed on the “INZONE Hub” screen in 4 levels: “100%”, “70%”, “50%”, and “20%”.


  • The remaining battery charge may not be properly displayed immediately after a software update or if the headset has not been used for a long time. In this case, repeatedly charge and discharge the battery multiple times to properly display the remaining battery charge.