What you can do with “INZONE Hub

When you connect a computer with the “INZONE Hub” software installed and the headset with the USB transceiver, you can do the following.

  • Adjust volume
  • Select the Equalizer setting
  • Customize the Equalizer setting
  • Set the volume balance between game and chat
  • Adjust the dynamic range (dynamic range control)
  • Create/save sound profile
  • Export/import sound profile
  • Adjust the microphone volume
  • Adjust the sidetone volume
  • Microphone test
  • Set the microphone input volume to be constant (auto gain control)
  • Set the spatial sound
  • Set the auto power off
  • Display the remaining battery charge of the headset
  • Display the on/off status of the microphone
  • Check/update the headset software version
  • Switch the voice guidance language

For details on “INZONE Hub”, refer to the following URL.



  • When the audio output device of the computer is set to [INZONE H5 - CHAT], the sound settings are disabled. Check that it is set to [INZONE H5 - GAME].
  • When using the headphone cable, the “INZONE Hub” software cannot be used.