About the voice guidance

In the factory settings, you will hear the English voice guidance in the following situations via the headset.

You can change the language of the voice guidance using “INZONE Hub” app.

  • When entering pairing mode: “Pairing”
  • When informing the remaining battery charge: “Battery about XX %” (The “XX” value indicates the approximate remaining charge. Use it as a rough estimate.) /“Battery fully charged”
  • When the remaining battery charge of the headset is low: “Low battery”
  • When automatically turning off due to low battery of the headset: “Battery is empty”


  • When you initialize the headset to restore to the factory settings after you change the language of the voice guidance, the language will also return to the factory settings.
  • If the voice guidance is not heard after changing the voice guidance language or updating the software, turn the headset off and on again.