Charging cannot be done.

  • Be sure to use the supplied USB Type-C cable.
  • Check that the USB Type-C cable is firmly connected to the headset and the USB AC adaptor, computer or PS5™, or the USB AC adaptor is firmly connected to the AC outlet.
  • Check that the computer is turned on. Wake the computer up if the computer is in standby (sleep) or hibernation mode.
  • Check that the PS5 is not in rest mode. If it is in rest mode, exit this mode or change the PS5 settings so that the USB ports on the PS5 can be used for charging even when in rest mode.
  • Update the OS of the computer or the system software of the PS5 to the latest version.
  • Restart the computer or PS5, and check whether the situation has improved.
  • It is recommended to charge in a place with an ambient temperature between 15 °C and 35 °C (59 °F - 95 °F). Efficient charging may not be possible beyond this range.
  • Reset the headset.
  • Initialize the headset.